Friday, May 14, 2010

Review: Oh Plah! by Roundhouse Design Collaborative

My son is all boy but one thing he is fascinated with is Mommy's jewelry. And while I appreciate that he wants to perform taste tests and play dress-up, I know with traditional necklaces and bangles, this could spell disaster. All I can picture are broken chains and loose beads all over the place, just waiting to be lodged in his airway. (Morbid, I know!) Thanks to a revolutionary new product, I can put those worries to rest.

Look...on her's a bracelet, it's a teether, it's a toy, it's...Oh Plah!

French for "here you go!", Oh Plah! was co-designed by moms Caryn Paradis and Jen Pitman, who wanted to create something stylish for moms to wear that would also be captivating for baby to play with. So, they put their heads together and developed a chic, colorful wrist accessory that doubles as a whimsical toy or teether for baby. The bracelet is flexible to fit any size wrist yet durable to withstand those burgeoning teeth. Keeping baby's safety of utmost importance, Oh Plah! is 100% free from paints, lead, latex, PVC, BPA and phthalates and is made here in the USA using environmentally-friendly practices. Roundhouse Design also offers a Full Circle Recycling program, in which they will pray to have your Oh Plah! shipped back to them to have it recycled into new products! This innovative, eco-friendly, multipurpose accessory has received numerous accolades including Dr. Toy's Best Green Product Award and The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval.

Oh Plah! is available in six vivid colors and three unique styles, including:
  • Energy - kiwi with windmill design
  • Simplicity - hot pink with daisy design
  • Harmony - blue with birds in flight design
  • Serenity - pearly white with daisy design
  • Synchronicity - pewter with windmill design
  • Whimsy - plum with daisy design
Roundhouse Design Collaborative was kind enough to send me their Oh Plah! Harmony bracelet to review.

I just love the fashionable, chunky cuff style. The blue color is really attractive and the design is simple yet modern. It's so versatile I could pair it with a summer maxi dress or a t-shirt and yoga pants. I was afraid that the flexible material would make for an awkward fit around my small wrist. But it fit nicely and stayed put, without sliding around too much. Best of all, because there are no clasps to fumble with, I can just throw it on and go. No fuss, no muss! FYI: this could also make a great nursing bracelet for all of you nursing mamas. Just switch from wrist to wrist so you always remember which side your nursed on last!

Nate is at the age where I could swear he enjoys putting on a public spectacle as I'm trying to run errands. His patience hangs by a thread and his inevitable tantrums can be clocked with an egg timer. There are few times I go shopping these days without leaving utterly embarrassed with an inconsolable child, surrounded by unnerved spectators.

Instead of reaching for junk food or germ-filled keys to keep him occupied, I can just flash my Oh Plah! It may not completely curb the tantrums but it does buy me more time, which is greatly appreciated. The cutout in the bracelet makes it easy for little hands to hold. Nate takes his time examining it, pulling it off my arm, wearing it for a bit and then putting it back on me. It's our fun little game. And if he happens to throw it on the floor or roll it around in gunk, it is super easy to clean with soap and water or a sanitizing wipe.

Here he is on the verge of a tantrum (hence the red eyes), distracted by Mommy's new bracelet his new accessory:

He hasn't really tried to bite it yet (he's not teething at the moment, thank goodness!) so I'm not 100% sure if it could withstand the force of toddler teeth. I suspect toothmarks from large chompers could linger so it may be better suited for gumming or smaller tooth buds. But it does make a good toy for older children who've outgrown the teething phase nonetheless.

Bottom line: Oh Plah! gets a standing O-vation. Its simple, safe design is equally appealing to mommies and babies. Even after my little guy is grown, I'll still be wearing my bracelet. Guaranteed.

BUY IT: You can purchase an Oh Plah! bracelet online at (ARV $19.99).

Disclaimer: I received the Oh Plah! bracelet pictured above free of charge from Maggie at Roundhouse Design Collaborative in exchange for my honest review. I was in no other way compensated for this post. The thoughts and opinions expressed in my review and mine and mine alone. As such, your experience may differ.


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