Friday, February 5, 2010

Review: Party Like a Twinkle Star with Charity and the JAMBand

We all have two aspects of our personality, even our kiddos. There's the active, energetic, sometimes silly side. And then there's the mellow, relaxed, introverted side. Thankfully, Charity and the JamBand indulges them both with their ambitious new 2-CD set, Party Like a Twinkle Star.

Their fourth (and fifth!) studio album is a unique yin-yang approach to kindie rock. Opposites attract as groovy, party animal Disc One meets the soft, melodic lullaby of Disc Two. The San-Fransiscan jam band takes you on a fantastic musical voyage from the dance floor, to the campground, to the beach - even blasting into outer space - before parachuting down through the clouds and stars to tuck you into your warm, comfy bed.

Track Listing:

Disc One {Party}

1. Get Your Booty Out Of Bed
2. Pancakes
3. Party
4. Some More S'Mores
5. Row Row Row Your Boat
6. Beach
7. Rockstar
8. Amazing Rocket Ship
9. Into Space
10. We Are Stardust

Disc Two {Twinkle}

1. One Golden Bowl
2. So Long To The Day
3. A Little Night Music
4. Moon Hug
5. Song In Your Heart
6. Rock-a-Bye
7. The Reminder
8. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
9. Juggle The Stars
10. The Bird

The opening party track, "Get Your Booty Out Of Bed", sets the tone for the Party album. It's funky, feel-good music at its best. Charity Kahn is a dead ringer for Nikka Costa, with her distinct, soulful, bluesy vocals (which shine particularly on the sassy track, "Rockstar"). My personal favorites from the album were the garage-rock ode to breakfast, "Pancakes", the psychedelic pop-folk tune "Beach", and the bohemian anthem, "We Are Stardust". It's irresistibly fun and something my entire family found themselves swaying to.

But, for me, the Twinkle CD was the real gem. Charity and the JamBand can definitely jam - but they can also chill. The lyrics on this album are truly something magical, reinforcing themes of love, hope, encouragement and security. Listening to it made me long to snuggle up with my son in our glider and hold him close. Twinkle is a heartwarming vessel for bonding with your little one. The standout tracks for me here were the self-assuring "Song In Your Heart" and "The Reminder" a breezy, uplifting tune that reminded me of a cool spring day.

Bottom line: If Charity and the JamBand are the kids' version of Phish, I guess we are Guppies in the making. I would highly recommend adding Party Like a Twinkle Star to your music library. It's something I listen to even when Nate is asleep just to relax or sing along to. Now that's saying alot!

BUY IT: You can purchase Party Like a Twinkle Star on (ARV $20.00). You'll also find a "Song of the Month" free download so be sure to stop on by!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Party Like a Twinkle Star, courtesy of Beth at Sugar Mountain P.R, to facilitate my candid review. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are purely my own, and your experience may differ.


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