Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Super Readers Cook Up An Adventure

If you and your family watch PBS in the morning, you have most likely caught an episode of Super Why and his literary superhero companions. But in case you're too busy with Nick Jr., Super Why is a fun, interactive, award-winning animated program aimed at children ages 3-6. Using alphabet and word games, Super Why and his team of Super Readers teach spelling, vocabulary and comprehension to instill a lifelong love of reading in your little one.

Well, Super Why is "whipping" up a new adventure by soaring into the pages of a cookbook for the very first time! Whyatt wants to bake his little sister a special birthday cake - but he doesn't know how. So Super Why and his friends soar into a different kind of book to get the information they need from a rhyming chef with a silly sense of humor as well as a recipe for fun! In the end, Whyatt learns how to create the perfect birthday for Baby Joy.

Super Why and the Cookbook will premiere tomorrow, January 29th, on PBS stations coast to coast. Check your local listings!

In the meantime, you can help your preschooler exercise their newfound literacy skills by encouraging them to read recipes, signs, labels, ingredients etc. Ask them questions to expand their creativity and reinforce comprehension. It may even inspire them to write their own recipes or stories!

Give your preschooler a "taste of reading" with these delicious tips:
  • Pick out a simple but yummy recipe with your super reader. Ask them to point out all the letters and words they already know in the ingredients.
  • Write a grocery list together, sounding out the words as you go along.
  • At the supermarket, have your child help read the signs so you can locate the ingredients you need.
  • As you cook, read the recipe aloud each step of the way.
  • Before serving your meal, create some colorful, crafty place cards for each family member, assisting your child to write out the names.
Bon appetite!


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