Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Winners of the Year!

I have many many winners to announce tonight - 13 to be exact - so hold onto your hats!

The ten winners of the Pedialyte Powder Packs are...

bethany said... 44

entered smartknits! Thanks!!

casey aubut said... 32

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AnneTracker said... 33

I like that they posted a kid friendly way to describe dehydration!

skytoucher said... 68

Children can become much more dehydrated more quickly than adults, losing important electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium. Pedialyte help replenish the electrolytes.

mnmspecial said... 26

I follow you on twitter. Here is my tweet

Whitney said... 48


myspiral said... 47

I follow you on blogger!

Cheryl said... 50

I learned:
Why are sweeteners added to Pedialyte? Why not just add sugar to make it sweeter?
Without added sweeteners, Pedialyte is not sweet enough for many children to drink. Adding sugar (sucrose) to Pedialyte may make diarrhea worse. Adding sweeteners like ace K (acesulfame potassium) and sucralose makes Pedialyte taste good without the risks of adding sugar (sucrose).

Egare1 said... 83

I follow your blog :)

megan said... 22

I learned that pedilyte should only be mixed with water.

The winner of the Dove Self-Esteem Prize Pack is...

Buttons and Bows said... 39

ONe of the biggest things I have done with my daughters is to teach them to be real. To have good character and to be true with themselves and with other people. I think our true self bears witness with ourselves whether we are being right or not. If you are nice to others they will be nice to you, If you are honest, others will be honest with you.(not always but atleast you know you have done right.)
The inward shows through more than the outward. If you are beautiful on the outside and you have a stinky personality, all that beauty is worth nothing. I believe when you are a geniune person it shines through and that alone will raise your self esteem because you know you have done right by others.
I see that character already shining through in them and it makes a mother proud.
mommiesgotfivechildren (at) hot mail (dot) com

The winner of the Putumayo Presents A Family Christmas CD is...

bethany said... 22

entered dove

And last but not least, the winner of the PreHistin Allergy Relief is...

Cheryl said... 23

I suffer from seasonal allergies, mostly in the spring. There is one bush that blooms locally every spring that flares my allergies up horribly, and it gets drastically better once the flowers are gone. Luckily it doesn't have too long a period when it blooms (maybe 3-4 weeks), some years it's worse than others.

Congratulations to all of the winners! I will be contacting you via email in the next 36 hours and you will have 48 hours from time of receipt to reply before I choose another winner.

ATTENTION: skytoucher and megan, your email addresses are not visible on your profiles so I do not have email addresses for you ladies. Please comment on this post with an email address at which I can reach you within the next 48 hours. If I do not hear from you by Saturday at 10pm, I will have to choose another winner.

Thank you to everyone who entered and to the fabulous sponsors for providing such great giveaway prizes!


casey aubut said...

Thank you Kristen!! You made my day!

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