Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Change of Address

I want to apologize for my lack of reviews and giveaways this past week but I have exciting news to share: my family and I have moved!

We bought a brand new home just a few miles east of where we were renting. It's a 4BR/2.5BA beauty with a 2-car garage, hardwoods and a to-die-for kitchen. A little out in the sticks but also close to civilization. We're near the water and the elementary school is within walking distance. It's always been our dream to own and we've finally been able to make that dream a reality. We couldn't be happier, although the packing, moving and unpacking has pretty much isolated me from the outside world. We were supposed to have internet service several days ago but there was a mix-up with the cable provider so I was unfortunately delayed but I'm so glad to be back in action!

I have lots more great holiday reviews and giveaways in store so stay tuned! And thank you for your patience, hanging in there with me in my absence!


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