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Baby Wellness Weekend Review #2: Tooth Tissues

You know the moms who nurse or bottle-feed their babies to sleep? Guilty as charged. I know it's a no-no, as doing so repeatedly may cause dental caries, but we got into the habit when Nate was a newborn and have yet to break it. Back then, he was not a fan of the swaddle nor the pacifier. Or sleeping through the night for that matter. The only way I could soothe him to sleep (or back to sleep) was by breastfeeding. There are now times when I can get away with just rocking him and he almost always sleeps through the night. But I continue to nurse before bed and I worry if I am doing any long-term damage to his teeth. Brushing isn't exactly convenient when I have a drowsy baby in my arms, so what's a mommy to do?

Thankfully, I came across a Tooth Tissues review and giveaway, which I just so happened to win.

Tooth Tissues were developed by practicing dentists, who struggled with cleaning their daughter's teeth at night. They knew that cleaning teeth and gums everyday to remove plaque was necessary to prevent decay, and they had seen numerous cases of bottle caries in their careers. Rather than continuing to use sleeves, t-shirts, blankets or any other accessible items to wipe her mouth, they developed easy-to-use, disposable tissue wipes for cleaning your child's teeth and gums.

Tooth Tissues
are textured to remove plaque and tartar, are made of 99% natural ingredients including xylitol - a natural cavity fighter - and are free of flouride, sugar and parabens. They can be safely used from birth and beyond, although they are recommended most for children 16 months and younger. (In case you're wondering, the 1% synthethic ingredient is sodium levulinate, a preservative derived from plants that inhibits bacteria and spoilage. This also gives the wipes a distinct smell).

As part of my win, I received a 30-count pack of Tooth Tissues, as well as several individual packets.

The first thing I noticed was the adorable package design. The image of the baby with the lone tooth just made me smile; it was super cute. The resealable pouch made it easy to stuff in the diaper bag and take with us on-the-go. The smell was neutral and was not even noticeable upon opening. I had to really sniff to get a whiff of any scent at all. Now, I should say I don't usually have to struggle with Nate to brush his teeth. He considers it a rather fun process, which admittedly makes me quite the lucky mommy. I didn't have much trouble getting him to open up for the Tooth Tissue. He made a funny face the first time he got a taste, but he did open up more so I could clean up the sides and back of his mouth and gums. I just had to be extra careful he didn't bite down on my disguised finger with his twelve chompers! It put my mind at ease to use the wipes at night after nursing for extra protection and as a more convenient alternative to brushing.

I even threw a couple of the single packets into my purse to use for myself in between brushings. I didn't find the taste offensive but it wasn't exactly yummy either. It was just...meh. Nothing to write home about. I would have liked to have had a more minty or citus aftertaste or something to give me that just-came-home-from-the-dentist, fresh feeling. But when I looked down on my wipe after cleaning, I could detect pale yellow spots where my plaque had been effectively removed. Gross...but cool! At least I know they really work!

There are just a few things that would discourage me from purchasing this product. First, I think the price is a little high (ARV $6.99/30-pk.). I think under $5 would be more reasonable, especially for a product you would need to replace monthly. Second, the disposable wipes are not exactly eco-friendly. Especially when a toothbrush and flouride-free toothpaste can achieve the same - or more precise - results with less waste. I was unable to find any information about whether the wipes were biodegradable or recyclable, which would make me feel less guilty about using them.

Bottom line: I personally would not replace my child's toothbrush and toothpaste for this product since my son is the rare breed that actually likes brushing his teeth and these wipes are expensive. But I do think they are useful if you have a busy lifestyle or if you happen to be out and about a lot without access to water. They are a gentle, effective option for babies who don't have many teeth or toddlers/children who are afraid of or dislike the act of brushing. If you were in the mood to splurge, you could even keep a pack in your purse for those times you want to rid the sweaters from your teeth but don't have your toothbrush handy. Like on a first date or after that rich Thanksgiving dinner.

BUY IT: You can purchase Tooth Tissues directly from their website or online at, or They can also be found at select Whole Foods markets, Vitamin Shoppe and One Step Ahead. A complete list of retailers can be found on the Tooth Tissues website.

Disclaimer: As I noted above, I received a 30-count pack of Tooth Tissues as a result of winning a contest. I was not obligated to write or compensated in any way for this review.


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