Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baby Wellness Weekend Review #1: ZarBees Cough Syrup

This weekend, I'm bringing you reviews of several great products dedicated to baby's health and wellness. Just in time for this nasty flu season!

Thankfully, I can count on three fingers the number of times my 15-month old has been sick. Once, when he was just two weeks old, he caught a small cold from the pediatrician's office. Second, when he was five months old, he caught Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease - complete with 103.5 degree fever - right around the time of his first Christmas (BOO!). Most recently, he caught another minor cold from a trip to the mall play area in September of this year. It could be due to extended breastfeeding or the fact that I am a SAHM and he is not in daycare or yet in school, but we've been fortunate enough to dodge many bullets of illness. And most of what he has been exposed to, aside from the HFMD, has been relatively minor.

But with flu season upon us, I like to be prepared. Nate has gotten his flu shot but there are still no guarantees. Plus, there's no surefire protection from the millions of cold viruses that run rampant this time of year. So, when I was given an opportunity to review some samples of Zarbee's Children's Cough Syrup a few weeks ago, I figured it was no better time to have something on hand.
As a pediatrician, Dr. Zak Zarbock found it frustrating when he was unable to offer any help for his young patients with a cough. He set out to create a safe and effective children's cough remedy that he could feel good about recommending. ZarBee's is an all-natural cough syrup that provides relief from coughs due to throat irritation while simultaneously boosting the immune system. Dr. Zarbock has brought together a unique blend of dark honeys to maximize their antioxidant potential. Coupled with vitamin C and zinc gluconate, ZarBee's Cough Syrup is a must in every parent's medicine cabinet.
ZarBee's contains all-natural ingredients, meaning no dextromethorphan or alcohol. It's honey-based formula is high in antioxidants and each dose contains your child's daily serving of Vitamin C. Unlike traditional cough medications, ZarBee's is safe for children 12 months and older. It is currently available in two flavors: lemon and cherry.

Lately, Nate has been teething (his canines are slowly working their way through) and he tends to get a runny nose as a result. This runny nose eventually leads to post-nasal drip, which in turn leads to an irritated throat and cough. In the past, I've used a humidifier (or hot, steamy shower!) along with natural saline drops to clear up his cough and "cold". I'm not one to pump Nate full of medication unless absolutely necessary (i.e. antibiotics for infection). But since ZarBee's was developed by a pediatrician and is not a medication, I felt comfortable using it to soothe his throat in this case.

I decided to open and use our sample of lemon first. The first thing I noticed was that the smell was rather potent. I didn't find it particularly pleasant. But then again, I don't find cough medicines enjoyable either so this was nothing surprising. I assumed that a honey-based syrup would be thick and goopy but ZarBee's is actually thin and easy to pour. Nate's dosage was 1/2 teaspoon, since he is under 5 years of age. I had a hard time getting him to open up for it, perhaps because of the odor. But once he tasted a drop from his lip, he seemed to like it and willingly accepted the rest of the liquid on the spoon. I took a little taste for myself as well and I have to say it tasted considerably better than it smelled - and much better than Robitussin or other meds I have to hold my nose and choke down. It was reminiscent of honey tea with a hint of clove. I did notice that after fifteen minutes, Nate was no longer coughing. I gave him another dose before bed and the next day, the cough was completely gone. It could be because the teething had eased a bit but I was happy to find a safe way to soothe his throat due to the excess mucous.

Bottom line: Despite the strong smell, I would highly recommend ZarBee's as a natural, effective cough syrup - for children or adults.

BUY IT: ZarBee's can be found in select grocery and drugstores including Acme, Albertson's, Shaw's, and Supervalu, as well as online (ARV $9.99). If ZarBee's is not available near you, you can request it by emailing

Sample boxes are also available for doctors and physicians to offer to their patients.

Disclaimer: I received two 2-tsp sample pouches of ZarBee's Children's Cough Syrup to facilitate my candid review. I was in no other way compensated for this post. The opinions expressed in this review are purely my own. Your experience with this product may differ. Please discuss use of this product with your doctor and/or use as directed.


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