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Fiber is Fun with Pedia-Lax! Review and Giveaway

If your kid is anything like mine, it's quite a challenge to get him/her to eat healthily. Nate won't touch most fruits or veggies - even though I offer them regularly - so I just know he's not getting all the daily vitamins and minerals he needs. Recently, the AAP changed their recommendations regarding fiber intake for children. The "age plus five" rule no longer applies. They now recommend kids ages 2-3 years eat 19 grams of fiber per day and kids 4-8 should eat 25 grams of fiber per day! It's no wonder that research shows 90% of children don't get enough fiber in their daily diets.

Pedia-Lax is helping to bridge the gap with their Fiber Gummies. Made for children ages 2-11, these adorable penguin-shaped gummies are:
  • made with natural fruit flavors
  • sugar-free
  • calorie-free
  • gluten-free
  • dentist-approved
  • parent-tested, parent-approved
Just three gummies a day provides 6 grams of fiber - that's the equivalent to 1/2 cup of broccoli!

I had the chance to review Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies last year but since Nate turned two just a few weeks ago, it is only recently that we've incorporated them into his daily diet. They are leafy greens disguised in a yummy treat! Unlike other high-fiber foods such as bran or spinach, I don't have to fight with him to eat his gummies. As a matter of fact, he sees the bottle on our kitchen counter and asks for one throughout the day! I love that they help keep his digestive tract more regular and that they're not full of sugar that will decay his teeth.

However, as much as we love our new supplement, we can't depend on it to fulfill the entire daily requirement of fiber. We still have to make sure our children get a well-rounded diet, which can be harder during back-to school season when it's nearly impossible to keep track of their eating habits. Liz Weiss, registered dietitian and co-author of The Moms' Guide to Meal Makeovers, offers six tricks for adding extra fiber to children's diets:

  1. Go with Guacamole: Kids love to dunk foods, so introduce a new dip. Create a kid-friendly guacamole by combining at least 3/4 of a mashed, ripe avocado with some coarsely chopped fresh cilantro and a dash of freshly-squeezed lime juice. Offer sliced raw veggies or whole-grain tortilla chips on the side for even more fiber grams
  2. Fiberlicious French Toast: Many kids shy away from “brown bread,” but if you disguise it as something else, you can easily add more fiber at the start of the day. Make French toast by switching from traditional white bread to 100% whole wheat bread, and top with ¼ cup of naturally-sweet fresh strawberries or try a sliced banana for a few more grams of fiber.
  3. Penguin Power: Boost your child’s fiber (age 2-11) with Pedia-Lax® Fiber Gummies; just three delicious, penguin-shaped gummies add 6 grams of fiber to your child's daily diet. They can be taken together or given one per meal.
  4. Makeover Delight: Meatloaf is a staple on most family dinner menus. Take your favorite meatloaf recipe and upgrade it with more fiber by adding 1/3 cup of ground flaxseed, one shredded carrot and a 15 oz. can of drained black beans. Your delicious meatloaf just got better!
  5. An Apple a Day: Parents tend to peel apples, but leaving the skin on a medium sized apple and slicing it up for easy eating keeps it to five grams of fiber. Add a tablespoon of peanut butter on the edges (if kids balk at the peel) for an extra gram of fiber.
  6. Smooth it Over: Choose a fiber-rich yogurt with at least 5 grams of fiber and blend with your favorite fruit. The enriched yogurt alone is a great fiber source, but the fruit adds even more.
For complete recipes, head on over to

BUY IT: You can find Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies at your local grocery or drug store, including CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid (ARV $7.99/60 ct.).

You can also visit for recipes, tips, tricks and a fiber diary to see how your current menu fares. You'll also find a $1.00 coupon!

WIN IT: One lucky reader is going to win their own bottle of Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies!

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Disclaimer: I will receive a free bottle of Pedia-Lax Gummies from Laura at Robin Leedy Associates to facilitate my candid review. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. The opinions expressed in this review and purely my own. Your experience with this product may differ. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before using this product, you should consult your child's physician for a complete evaluation.


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I learned that if you don't drink enough water while taking a fiber supplement that it might actually cause constipation! go figure!

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3 fiber gummies have fiber = to 1 cup of corn I learned.
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Fiber creates softer, bulkier stools that are easy to pass by absorbing many times their weight in water. It promotes contractions that keep food moving through the intestine.

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