Friday, May 7, 2010

Review: Sugar Free Ring Pop

I've always been a sucker for candy (pun intended). But over the years, I've had to give up most of my favorites because the sugar content is high enough to rot my teeth on the spot. Well now I can indulge in a childhood classic without all the guilt.

What little girl (or guy!) didn't adorn her finger with a jeweled Ring Pop back in the 80's? Well, the best-selling Topps candy is back and better than ever with a sugar-free version! Sugar-Free Ring Pops are sweetened with Splenda, are fat and cholesterol-free and only 30 calories per pop. And each bag offers three yummy flavors: Strawberry, Watermelon and Blue Raspberry.

We were lucky enough to try out the new sugar-free flavors and while it has been a long, long time since I last had a Ring Pop, I must say these tasted just as fruity and delicious as I remember! There was no aftertaste as with some artificial sweeteners. If I hadn't known ahead of time that these were sugar-free, I don't think I could have ever guessed it. My husband favored the Watermelon and I was partial to Strawberry but all of the flavors were great. Nate is still too young for hard candy so he didn't get to participate in this review. But when he's a little older, I wouldn't hesitate to let him try one on occasionally.

Here's my ruby-colored bauble - ain't it purdy?! Why, it's good enough to eat...

I love Ring Pops in particular because they last forever (it took me almost an hour to lick mine down to the plastic core) and the design is not only cute but makes it easy to carry without dropping. They're perfect for parties or long car rides. They also make great bribes rewards for extra-good behavior.

Bottom line: If you want a sweet treat that won't undo your diet or contribute to cavities, tap into your childhood and accessorize with a Sugar-Free Ring Pop!

BUY IT: Sugar-Free Ring Pops are now available in Wal-Mart stores nationwide.

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Disclaimer: I received a 3-pack of Sugar-Free Ring Pops from Kristen at American Pop Digital in exchange for my candid review. I was in no other way compensated for this post. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are solely my own and as such, your experience may differ.


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