Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Update: A Rockin' Makeover!

Remember I told you about how wicked cool Rockin' Green Soap is? Well, the site just got an awesome new makeover!

I am sad to say goodbye to my beloved Grape Soda and I am bummed I didn't get a chance to try the Vanilla Buttercream or Monkey Snacks but there are some yummy, new 100% natural scents that won't be found anywhere else, including:
  • Orangevana
  • Smashing Watermelons
  • Rise Against the Raspberries
  • Motley Clean
  • The Plain Green Teas
  • Lavender Mint Revival
  • Bare Naked Babies
(Not sure about you, but the Watermelon and Green Tea scents are at the top of my list to try!)

The packaging has also changed to a recyclable pouch, which uses 75% packaging than before! Not only will that mean less waste, but it will hold the scent of the soap in the bag longer.

Soft Rock and Classic Rock have also had a makeover with new and improved formulas, including all-natural "ammonia busters! They couldn't just let Hard Rock have all the fun.

Some other coolness:
  • The sample sizes are now a bit smaller and cost just $.75-$.80 with $1 shipping! There are also expanded shipping options, including USPS Priority and FedEX.
  • Rockin' Green Rewards! With each purchase, you'll earn points towards things like wooden scoops, Shake It Up! Pail Freshener or a free bag of Rockin' Green detergent!
I know you're dying to try some, right?! Well , you can use code "makeoversrock" for 10% off everything in the store (limited time only)! And all orders over $75 get free shipping (in the U.S.)!


Click here to win a 45/90 bag from yours truly!


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