Sunday, March 7, 2010

Review: Skoy Cloths

Since I've braved the switch to earth-friendly cleaners, I really haven't looked back. With some of the great brands and products I've reviewed, I haven't been missing or reverting back to any of my traditional methods. But I still have one major crutch: paper towels. Like many families with young children, there are lots of messes for us to clean each day. I reach for paper towels more than I would like to admit, out of habit more than anything else. We also keep sponges by the kitchen sink but we use those primarily for scrubbing our dishes before they enter the dishwasher. They get pretty dingy and smelly rather quickly so I'm weary to clean our eating surfaces with them for long. Who knows what's hiding in that breeding ground of porous fibers?

Wiping up debris and a spritz of a cleaner here. Cleaning up that coffee spill over there. Soaking up the milk on the carpet from that leaky sippy cup. Wiping my toddler's sticky fingers after a snack. Blowing my nose. Before I know it, the roll of paper towels I just opened is gone. I felt so incredibly wasteful but I wasn't comfortable with another option...until there was Skoy.

Skoy (named for the Swedish word "Skoj" which means "just for fun") was founded by two stay-at-home moms, Michelle and Karen, who wanted to find a more environmentally-friendly way to clean their kitchens. They were shocked to read that Americans were using 2.5 million tons of paper towels each year, which were clogging up landfills(!). After travelling to Europe and discovering a cloth-like sponge she found indispensable, Michelle shared her find with Karen. They put their heads together to find a way to market a similar product in the States, and soon thereafter, Skoy was born.

Skoy Cloths are made from a unique blend of natural cotton and wood-pulp cellulose - a much more environmentally-friendly choice than synthetic microfiber. Skoy Cloths are nontoxic, chlorine-free and made using water-based colors and inks. Not only are Skoy Cloths super absorbent (up to 15x their own weight!) and compostable, but they are reusable. As a matter of fact, one Skoy Cloth lasts as long as 15 rolls of paper towels! Not only does this save money, but it saves our planet. If everyone switched from paper towels to Skoy, we could:
  • reduce the risk of deforestation
  • reduce emissions and fuel from transportation in hauling goods/waste
  • reduce energy needed to make goods and packages
  • reduce methane in landfill from decomposing paper
  • reduce chemicals and waste water involved in paper towel production
Did I mention that Skoy Cloths can be sanitized in the washing machine, dishwasher or microwave? So, no matter what kind of crud your cloth carries, you can easily banish the bacteria for good. Yippee! And as if there aren't already enough benefits, Skoy's bright, colorful designs are also more adorable than any plain old paper towel!

I received a 4-pack of Skoy Cloths to review several months ago, but I held onto them specifically for this event.

Let me just say...I'm officially a Skoy convert! The moment I ran them under water, they transformed from stiff and rigid to soft and plump. They were the perfect hybrid of a sponge and paper towel. They were flexible and ergonomic like a paper towel; I could bunch them up for some scrubbing or lay flat to soak up a liquid spill. But their thicker, spongy texture made them retain their shape, allowing much more durability than a regular paper towel. No more cleaning up lint or shreds of worn paper towel after a tough job. Skoy is the best of both worlds!

Because Skoy Cloths are non-abrasive, you can basically use them anywhere. Kitchen grime. Bathroom scum. Laundry room lint. You name it! I've been using mine for close to a month and they are still in great shape. Just check out how they've held up compared to my common sponge:

My Skoy is almost pristine, aside from a few little stains in the upper left corner. My sponge, on the other hand, is falling apart and smells so skunky I had to pitch it right after this photo was taken. Who knows how annihilated a paper towel would be?!

I anticipate I could probably get another month's use out of them before downgrading to the more yucky tasks like outdoor or car use. I don't know about you but the interior of my vehicle needs some long-overdue TLC! Even though I know I'll have to dispose of them eventually, I'll feel good knowing they compost in just 5 weeks. And that I probably saved close to 60 rolls of paper towels from ending up in landfills!

Even Nate was joining the Skoy parade (I swear I don't support child labor!):

Bottom line: Paper towels? What are those?! Bounty be gone! In all seriousness, I would highly highly recommend Skoy Cloths as an eco-friendly alternative. I love that they are reusable and can be sanitized easily so they won't reek like my sponges do. Because they are so absorbent and durable, I don't think I'll ever refill my paper towel holder again (sorry, buddy!).

BUY IT: You can purchase Skoy Cloths online at, or check their retailer/e-tailer list for a vendor nearest you! (ARV $5.99/4-pack). You can also subscribe to automatic shipping at regular intervals so you are never without your Skoy! (ARV $11.98/8-pack).

Disclaimer: I received a 4-pack of Skoy cloths from Michelle at Skoy Enterprises to facilitate my candid review. I was in no other way compensated for this post.


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