Thursday, December 10, 2009

Review: SEED Power Body Products

If you read this blog regularly, you'll know that I'm a fan of natural or organic products. Since I've become a mom, I've felt more responsible than ever to reduce my carbon footprint on the world. I am more aware of the products I use, as well as their toxicity levels, ingredients and impact on the environment. I may not be "crunchy" but I'm taking little steps everyday to get closer to where I want to be. I'd say I'm more along the lines of "crispy" at this point.

I don't use many beauty products but for the few that I do use, I prefer them to be chemical-free or pretty darn close to it. So, when I was given an opportunity to review a new line of natural skincare products from SEED, I happily agreed.

The story behind the brand is what really drew me in. Rebecca and her husband Benjamin decided to start trying to conceive. As they researched how to get pregnant, they learned that "detoxifying" could increase their chances for success and support a healthy pregnancy. After ditching all of their household chemical products and being confronted with the challenge of replacing them with natural products, Rebecca quit her job to feed her entrepreneurial spirit and start her own business. Her husband, a wine enthusiast, came up with the idea to create a brand of natural beauty products from grape seed oil, a byproduct of the wine-making process, that would be readily available and reasonably priced. With the assistance of a microbiologist, they determined that grape seeds, like several other seeds, contained powerful antioxidants and essential fatty acids that promote healthy skin. The rest, they say, is history and SEED was officially launched.

SEED is a 100% natural brand that targets people seeking a healthier lifestyle, but who don't want to compromise their expectations for product performance. SEED products have multiple benefits derived from nature including:
  • Paraben free
  • Preservative free
  • Phthalate free
  • No artificial colors
  • No animal ingredients
  • No animal testing
SEED currently offers three unique formulations including invigorating citrus thyme, restful lavender sage and simply unscented, which is free of essential oils for those with sensitive skin. The product line currently includes body lotions, soaps and shampoo bars.

I was fortunate enough to receive several product samples to review including the citrus thyme lotion and body bar, as well as the unscented shampoo bar. I loved that the packaging fell in line with their environmentally-friendly image - made of recycled paper and free from those horrendous packing peanuts that drive me bonkers.

The body lotion was fantastic. The scent, a light lime fragrance, reminded me of summertime, lounging poolside - which was a great distraction from the chilly winter air. The consistency was thick but not greasy or oily. My skin drank it right up, leaving my hands feeling soft and smooth. I will definitely be using this lotion daily after my morning shower. The soap was also great and I could feel it exfoliate my skin as it cleansed. The scent lingered for awhile after use but didn't compete with my body mist or perfume. I could definitely see myself buying this in the future or as a gift for friend or family.

The shampoo bar, however, didn't have the same effect on me. It was described as a "conditioning" shampoo bar but I found it stripped my hair of its natural oils and left it feeling brittle after rinsing. I had to use a conditioner afterward to get that soft feeling back. But I will say that it had an amazing lather and would work well as a deep cleaner. If you use a lot of hairspray, pomade or wax and suffer from product buildup, I think this would be perfect. And perhaps on another hair type, it would work just fine. But for my needs, it just didn't do the trick.

Bottom line: I would highly recommend trying SEED body lotion and soap (and the shampoo bar with caution). I love that the products are all-natural, smell great and purify my beauty process. They would also make a great eco-conscious gift set for someone for the holidays!

BUY IT: You can find SEED on Amazon and at select Whole Foods retailers (ARV $3-7, bulk purchases available).

To learn more and stay updated on their launch, be sure to befriend SEED on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Disclaimer: I received an 8 oz. size lotion and trial sizes of shampoo bar and soap from Rebecca at SEED to facilitate my candid review. I was invited to review these products from my membership at Global Influence, formerly Momfluence. I was not otherwise compensated for this review.


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