Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Gratitude Challenge: Days 8-11

I have fallen way behind on my Gratitude Challenge updates. I have no excuses other than Nate is in the process of getting his fourth molar and I have been utterly exhausted at the end of each day. If I'm grateful for one thing today, it's your forgiveness!

I admit that I haven't yet fulfilled this challenge. I know, BAD GIRL! But I did buy the prettiest thank you cards. I really want to take my time with the messages instead of throwing something together, hurriedly. I have, however, selected the five recipients and I know they will be delighted at my thoughtfulness.

On Tuesday, my husband was able to work from home in the evening so we could spend some quality time together. We ate dinner as a family and talked about our day. It was really special. We normally eat separately off of TV trays in the living room but we nixed the informal in favor of our neglected dining room table. It made me realize how much I really miss our time together. Especially just the two of us. We are so caught up in our busy lifestyles and with his working two jobs, we don't get much time for deep conversation. I was truly appreciative that time was on our side that night.

Yesterday, Nate and I went for a walk in the park. It was a beautiful fall day - not too hot and not too chilly. There was a cool breeze in the air that brushed my hair as I wandered past. Absolutely perfect. As I took in all that surrounded us, I was ever thankful for my sense of sight. Without it, I would not be able to see and appreciate nature, the flora and fauna. And I don't know how I could live without seeing my sweet boy's face each morning as he grins joyfully for the possibilities beheld by a new day.

Today was a fairly low-key day. I had cleaning to do so Nate and I stayed indoors and played the entire day. I got down on his level - on the floor - to zoom his toy cars across the carpet. As I bumped them into his extremities, he would let out the biggest, most gratifying belly laughs. We wrestled about, crawling and chasing one another. We had so much fun, just being goofy. It was just the two of us and I could let loose and go crazy without a care. I think we all need to take time to be childish once in a while.

As he giggled, I couldn't think of a better, more satisfying place to be. At that moment, all was right with the world.


anewjill said...

Nice blog. I am also doing the gratitude challenge. I think you are only one day ahead of me. And I also had to play a bit of catch up this week. Good luck!

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