Friday, September 25, 2009

Feature Friday: Kaur Funktion

Welcome to the fourth edition of Feature Friday. This week's featured Etsy shop is Kaur Funktion.

Kaur Funktion, a collective of immensely talented artists, carries one-of-a-kind glass jewelry - including pendants, cuff links and beads - as well as archival prints and art cards. The archival prints are derived from the artist's own original works of art.

Each glass piece is skillfully handcrafted using the finest Italian Murano glass. Many artists claim to use Murano glass in their work but it is often low-grade, soda-lime glass, which has a slight discoloration. Kaur Funktion's glassmakers use only the purest Murano glass available. Also, many companies in this economy are trying to cut corners by eliminating certain elements from the glassmaking process, such as nitrate and arsenic which prevent bubbles as a result of lampwork. Kaur Funktion pays precise attention to these details, bringing you high-quality, eclectic treasures.

One of the things I love most about this shop is that the title of each item is inspired by a poem or proverb. It makes the pieces that much more special.

My personal favorites are:

Nature's Spin pendant (I love the harmony of green and gold)

Silver Cuffs I (how awesome would these look with a black business suit?)

Passionate Kiss III (the colors are perfect for fall)

Untitled I of Ishq Series (This reminds me of yoga, an escape of the mind through the body)

These exquisite artworks are like tangible imagination.

Let's learn more about the pioneer behind Kaur Funktion, Manju:

1.) Tell us about yourself.

I am a graphic/web designer by day, and a Etsian/painter by night. I've been a designer for 9 years, and an artist all my life. My favorite materials to paint with are oils, canvas, doorskin, and sometimes walls ;)

I am an explorer, adventurer, and world traveler. Hence, the invention of Kaur Funktion; a marketplace for the love of creative intentions. I scour the globe in my travels seeking like minded artists that fuse these intentions. Because of our similarities and uniqueness, Kaur Funktion is our avenue to work with our ideas in our individual specialty as a collective.

2.) If you could describe yourself in one word, what would that be?

That's a good question... it's hard to describe oneself in one word...hmmm... how about "soulful".

3.) How did you get started in the business?

I am a traveler with a major twist of artista. It made sense to me to procure things that are unique, interesting, creative and intelligent that I found only native to these various locales. Can't help it, I love collecting new objects...wait, I see something shiny over there ;)

4.) What or who inspires you?

The love for life inspires me. Painters... there are many... Basquiat, Van Gogh, Dali, DaVinci because he's the ultimate solution to the battle of science and art (because he was an engineer as well as a painter... his list goes My mother, who has always created from scratch :)

5.) What is your favorite item you've ever made?

I would have to say my painting. It always puts things into perspective.

6.) What makes you unique from other Etsians?

Can't really compare in this instance... so many Etsians out there that are phenomenal!!!!!!! It's so wonderful to be just a part of this demographic of extraordinaires.

BUY IT: Works from Kaur Funktion can be purchased directly on Etsy. Prices range from $ for an art card to $18 for an art print to $40 for a pendant or set of cufflinks.

DELICIOUS DISCOUNT: All Goodie Goodie Gumdrops readers can receive 30% off any purchase! Use code "FEATURE" during checkout to get your exclusive discount, which will be refunded via Paypal.

Special thanks to Manj for participating in Feature Friday! Stay tuned next Friday for our next featured seller!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kristen for your hardwork!!!! I love it!!!

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