Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Review and Discount: Bubblecakes.com

Even though it was over a year ago, I recall my baby shower as if it were yesterday. *pout* Out of the wealth of gifts we received, I think the popularity of blankets came second only to onesies. I remember thinking, "what on earth am I going to do with all of these blankets?" I thought most of them would wind up hidden in a closet somewhere. After all, since newborns shouldn't sleep with blankets due to the risk of SIDS, what would I possibly use them for?

Boy did I underestimate their functionality. One thing I've learned as a mom is that you can never have enough blankets. There's swaddling blankets for...well...the obvious. Receiving blankets, which we admittedly used more as burp cloths in Nate's early reflux days. Stroller blankets for outings. Quilts, the sole purpose of which is to dress up the crib. Throw blankets, for tummy time, playtime or pretty much anytime. Teething blankets, with knots, multiple textures and/or soft, chewy corners for budding teeth. Lovies, small blankets to which babies often form an emotional attachment. There's a blanket for just about anything you can think of. And lest we forget the prodigious variety of fabrics available. Cotton, organic cotton, bamboo, muslin, fleece, flannel, knit, velboa, minky, sherpa, chenille, wool, cashmere. If you think about it hard enough, or overanalyze your purchases as I tend to do, choosing the perfect blanket can make your head spin.

Let me make the search a bit easier for you with one word: Bubblecakes.

Bubblecakes specializes in unique, personalized baby blankets. You won't find clothes or bibs in their shop. Just blankets. So you can rest assured that extra love and attention are given to your sure-to-be-new-favorite baby item.
Our goal is to create a boutique quality, unique and stylish, personalized baby blanket that will become a special heirloom to be cherished for years to come. All of our baby blankets are handmade in the USA. We take special care to make sure that each blanket we make is unique and special!
Bubblecakes offers seven different collections of blankets for boys and girls, as well as gender neutral styles. Themes include animals, florals, sports, retro, vintage, dots, stripes and everywhere in between.

Now for the best part: each blanket comes with FREE embroidery of your child's name or monogram! You just choose the font and color from a suggestion list to create your very own custom blanket. And that's not all! Every blanket comes with a coordinating, waterproof diaper bag tag printed with your baby's name! This is perfect for daycare, school, playdates or church, when your bag could easily be mistaken. No longer will you blend in with the crowd!

Bubblecakes was even featured in the May 2009 edition of Pregnancy & Newborn magazine as a "What's Hot Now" pick, as well as in the winter edition of Australia's My Child magazine. People worldwide are sitting up and taking notice of these beautiful blankets.

I was lucky enough to win the Lil' Chaps Cowboy blanket for Nate in a giveaway here. The first thing I noticed when opening it was the packaging. The blanket came in the cutest cake box, wrapped with a blue bow and note that it had been "baked special for Nathaniel". I couldn't help but say "awww" aloud. I hadn't even seen the blanket yet and I already deemed it the perfect gift for a baby shower.

When I was able to stop oogling over the box, I opened it up to view the blanket. It was so precious! The patchwork design was even more adorable in person and the embroidery was tightly stitched - very well crafted. The underside of the blanket was an incredibly soft, faux horse fur with a Pinto design. And the suede fringe detailing was just the right touch for a cowboy theme.

The 30x40 blanket is thick but not overly so. It could be used basically year-round, in all seasons. I laid it on the floor for Nate and he immediately went over to sit on it and run his fingers over it. He even picked it up and carried it with him around the living room, which is not something he usually does.

And hey Mikey, from the expression on his face as I took his picture, I think he really likes it!

The only downfall that I see with the blanket is that it is so pretty, I almost don't want to take it outside for the fear that it will get dirty! But I should have no fear, as the blankets are machine washable anyway.

Bottom line: I would highly recommend Bubblecakes if you are looking for a keepsake as unique as the little one who will be bundled in it. Can you just picture one of these blankets draped over the carseat as New Mom and Dad bring their tiny little one home for the first time? Priceless.

BUY IT: Bubblecakes blankets are sold exclusively from their online boutique and range from $28.50 for a 18x16 Travel Mini blanket to $55 for a full-size 30x40 blanket. They recently released their new Minky collection and keep an eye out for the Organic Cotton line coming soon!

DELICIOUS DISCOUNT: You're in luck! Jessica from Bubblecakes has generously offered an exclusive discount* to Goodie Goodie Gumdrops readers! Simply enter the code 'gumdrop' at checkout for 15% off your purchase. Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: As I mentioned in the above post, I won this blanket as part of a blog giveaway. I was not compensated in any way for this review.


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